"After my first full season, I knew I needed to make some strides. Luckily I came across Tom and have trusted him with my life and career ever since. From strength trainer to pitching coach to physical therapist, he’s everything I needed and more. I seriously don’t know what I’d do without him."

- Mike Baumann, MLB Pitcher, Baltimore Orioles

"Coming off of my second surgery in 3 years I was looking for someone familiar with rehabbing my particular injury and having an understanding of professional athletes and how their bodies are their careers! I found that and more with Dr. Tom Gormely! Not only was Tom able to rehab me back to 100 percent health of my injury in a shorter amount of time than expected, he was able to do that and get me into the best shape of my career! Tom was able to create a specific plan for me to return to play after an injury while also developing my Baseball skills all in a 3-4 month offseason and was able to quickly modify the plan based on the benchmarks my injury allowed or didn’t allow me to hit each week so that we were always on track for a healthy return to play! Tom’s expertise and knowledge of the science behind health, strength & conditioning, throwing mechanics of athletes, etc are far superior than any PT, ATC or Strength Coach I’ve ever encountered in my amateur or professional career! What makes Tom standout even more is his ability to be the smartest and most prepared person in the room while relating to his athletes on a personal level and creating an environment where he truly believes in you and your abilities!"

- DJ Stewart, MLB Outfielder, Baltimore Orioles

"Training down in Jacksonville with Tork [Tom], that was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made."

- Anthony Richardson, NFL Quarterback, Indianapolis Colts

"Tom is the best trainer I have worked with in my time playing pro sports. The arm care and lifting programs are nuanced, incredibly well researched and tailored to my needs. Beyond the lifting programs, Tom is a first class human being. He is consistently available (even at 9 pm on Saturdays), a great communicator and kind. He truly has made me a better player and I look forward to working with him until I hang up the cleats."

- John Wolford, NFL Quarterback, Los Angeles Rams

"I started working with Tom to rehab from a throwing injury I had, but then his complete biomechanical knowledge led to me trusting him with my entire off-season training program. I’ve been working with him for three full off-seasons now (2022) and he has taken complete care of me with Physical Therapy of my nagging injuries from the season, arm care development programs, throwing ramp-up programs, as well as my total strength and conditioning programs. I continue to trust Tom with my most important asset, because I feel that he is maximizing my body’s performance potential each year; as well as taking care of the long term sustainability of it through a scientific, and researched backed approach."

- Nathan Peterman, NFL Quarterback, Chicago Bears

"As a professional athlete, I pride myself on the quality of work and attention to detail with my training. I’ve trained with Tom and the Tork family, and I can’t say enough good things about their work ethic and attention to detail with my training programs. His knowledge of the human body, muscles, and development is second to none. This is really expressed through conversations with Tom as you can really see his passion and love for athlete development. I can’t recommend him enough!"

- Tyler Wells, MLB Pitcher, Baltimore Orioles

"As I prepared for the NFL draft, it was very important to me that I found a place where I could get therapy, as well as strength training. Finding Dr.Tom was definitely a huge benefit for me because, from day 1, he helped me and educated me on the certain things and areas of my body that needed improvement. There was never a day where we just went through the motions, every day consisted of learning and improving areas of weakness in my body. One area of my training that I felt like really helped me become a better athlete was following Dr.Tom's pre- and post-throwing arm care routines. These routines 100% have made me physically stronger, as well as mentally stronger in terms of knowing my arm's capabilities. I will definitely be seeing Dr.Tom again in the off-season and recommend him to anyone in sports who is trying to reach their full potential."

- Ian Book, NFL Quarterback, New Orleans Saints

"Dr. Tom Gormely has given me a whole new perspective as to what it looks like to train as a professional. His emphasis on hip-shoulder separation as well as the unique pre/post throwing routines, have added multiple layers to my game. Multiple NFL coaches told me that they noticed more velocity and efficiency in my throws from my senior year film to what they saw at the NFL Combine. Everyone loves being around Dr. Tom and it’s clear that he is in the industry to help his athletes achieve their goals."

- Brock Purdy, NFL Quarterback, San Francisco 49ers

"Dr. Tom Gormely is a “game changer” for high level athletes, coaches, and programs; looking to improve and optimize in sports performance. Dr. Gormely is the “gold standard” for rotational athletes and has helped my son in every foreseeable facet in becoming an top national prospect, including developing a personalized long-term athletic development plan, as well as a data-driven, comprehensive sports performance training program that includes arm care, tissue prep, physical therapy, strength, power, explosion, speed, force, cognitive pedagogy, and the understanding of the science, methodology, kinesiology, biomechanics and movement associated with playing quarterback at a high level. Dr. Gormely is a foremost expert in developing “elite throwers” and his research, study and examination in this field, comprise the framework of how “high performance training” for throwers, can be the difference between good and great."

- Charlie Hurley, Father of Colin Hurley, '25 Top Nat'l QB Prospect

"Tom Gormely is someone everyone should have in their corner. Guys like him are so hard to come by. He has gotten me through 3 surgeries, not the easiest of surgeries if I might add, with not a single doubt I would come out stronger and better. He goes above and beyond to get guys ready for WHENEVER they NEED to be ready. There is absolutely no way I am where I am today without him as a friend/coach! Love that Guy."

- Chris Gau, MiLB Pitcher, Tampa Bay Rays Organization

Other Notable Athletes Over the Years